15 NEW BROKEN Builds You SHOULD ABUSE During PRESEASON - League of Legends Patch 10.23

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0:00 Intro
1:09 Top Lane
1:15 Jax
2:31 Akali
4:32 Ornn
5:47 Top Recap
6:26 Jungle
6:31 Kha'zix
8:10 Hecarim
9:29 Kayn
10:23 Lillia
10:48 Recap JG
10:54 Mid-Lane
11:00 Zed
12:06 Fizz
13:37 Ekko
14:41 Viktor
15:16 Recap Mid
15:21 Bot-Lane
15:26 Ezreal
17:22 Draven
18:28 Caitlyn
19:22 Recap Bot
19:27 Support
19:35 Leona
21:17 Janna
22:29 Seraphine
24:33 Recap Supp
24:40 Conclusion
25:15 Outro

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