170+ DAMAGE! ~ How To Use King's Punch Reversal | Tekken 7 King Guide

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Tekken 7 King guide showing how to use King’s punch parry / reversal. This is a special move and I show the properties including the frames it is active. I also cover king’s oki and okizeme. This includes guaranteed hits and his head spinner string. This can lead to a wall splat or a wall bounce and thus wall combos. I also show how to use one of King’s launchers to catch backrollers and do a 64 damage combo. With people staying down I show how to use King’s ground grab and floor grab. I also cover how to use King’s rage drive. This can be used for oki and okizeme and can lead to a burning knuckle combo. I also show a 170 damage combo using the parry and how it floor breaks in Tekken 7.

Be sure to check out my other King guides where I provide a breakdown of King’s movelist and an overview of his punishers, basics and essentials. I also cover his best moves, grabs, throws and chain and multi throws. In addition I show setups and mixups as well as tricks and tech. Following these tutorials you can become the best King player online and play like a pro.

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