Apex Legends How To Get Any Heirloom For The Cheapest Price! (Anniversary Collection Event)

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Apex Legends How To Get Heirloom Shards For Cheap! (Anniversary Collection Event)

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Hey guys and welcome back to another Apex Legends video! Today I wanted to talk about the anniversary collection event, and how you can unlock an heirloom for the cheapest possible price.

For those that do not know, for unlocking all of the skins in this collection event you get heirloom shards which lets you pick any Heirloom that is currently in the store.

There are a couple of different ways you can go about doing this, however there is a much cheaper method that won't take much extra time at all.

If you plan on unlocking all of the collection event skins using Apex Coins, you are first going to want to unlock the two free event packs that you get after completing the Anniversary prize tracker.

Next, you are going to want to sign up for EA Play. EA Play is a subscription service that gives you discounts when purchasing anything related to EA, including Apex Coins.

If you have never signed up for EA Play before you can join for only $1 for your first month, and then immediately cancel after you get your heirloom shards.

EA Play:

Afterwards you are going to want to purchase the 11,500 apex coin bundle as well as the 4,350 Apex coin bundle which costs around $126 (Plus the dollar you spent on EA play making your total $127.)

You can then use these coins to buy both the Lifeline and Bloodhound event bundle which costs 7,500 AC, as well as 10 regular event packs which cost 7,000 Apec Coins. After unlocking the your two free packs you will have all of the collection event skins for only $127 versus the $160 you would spend on 24 event packs individually.

If you have any further questions feel free to ask in the comments! I will try to respond and answer as many questions as I can.
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