Are They Trying To TAKE Your Guns Away?

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Is the new Biden administration trying to take away your guns? There are a number of initiatives in the works that should make every responsible gun owner nervous. Concealed Carry Magazine’s Kevin Michalowski outlines a few of the most notable gun control measures and what we can do to push back and retain our rights.

00:00 Intro
00:37 What new gun control initiatives is the Biden administration pushing forward?
01:19 Is 127 a red herring?
02:15 The myth of the ‘Gun Show Loophole’
02:38 Kevin’s problem with universal background checks
03:24 Why should we push back against red flag laws?
05:15 Will they ban ‘assault weapons’ and high-capacity magazines?
06:59 What can you do to help preserve your Second Amendment rights?
08:01 It’s your responsibility to be heard.

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