ASMR | Play "Never Have I Ever" with Me and STORY TIMES (I Accidentally Crashed a Stranger's Party)

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Well hello! ♥ In today's video I'll be playing Never Have I Ever. Feel free to play along with me in the comments! A lot of these are more personal, juicy questions (keeping it PG bc it's me lol) and I feel like I'm actually the most boring person to play this with LOL but I hope this was tingly and relaxing. There are a few interesting story times in here, as well, like the time my mom and I accidentally crashed a stranger's gay bbq mixer while we were trying to go to a stranger's sobriety party, or the time I texted my ex out of nowhere after a spiritual encounter, my tattoo plans, and more. Hope you enjoy ♥

If you're interested in juicy relationship stories (I mentioned some of them in this video), check out my previous video:

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ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response which is a fancy way of saying a phenomenon from certain sounds that produce tingles and/or relaxation. Tingles usually start on the scalp and travel down your back. ASMR is great for relaxation, insomnia, tingles, and can be extremely helpful for some people that struggle with anxiety/panic attacks and/or depression (like me!)

This is a safe place for all. Also remember you are loved. You are worthy. You are valued. I'm so glad you stopped by ♥

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