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We played Hide and Seek on BREEZE the new map of Valorant which is super fun! The contestants were from the Discord Server so be sure to join if you want to participate in the future!
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*Friends in the Video*
Phoenix - RlyRuss:
Yoru/Viper/Astra - Donesys: (TBA)
Cypher TameStarling: (TBA)
Sage - TheFatDemon: (TBA)
Skye - CarlyTheDoggo: (TBA)
Omen - Timster: (TBA)

*Giveaway Details*
- Leave a comment to be able to join (ON ONE ACCOUT LOL)
- Have a NA account OR have PayPal
- Reply with your Discord within 48 hours of me replying to you (DO NOT GIVE ANYONE ANY INFORMATION)
- Winner will be announced on stream June 13th

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