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I can afford to build these expensive projects because I don't keep them afterwards - Gold and silver is bought new and anything left is sold for scrap price afterwards. The diamond was certificated and bought from a wholesale diamond trader, and is be sold back the same way. Obviously I lose out in the transaction, but NOT for the Full price.

This is the first time I have ever mounted a Diamond let alone a tricky Trillion cut diamond. One clumsy move and I could have damaged the delicate points. This would have been an extremely expensive mistake and would have meant sending it away to be re-cut and re-certificated. Luckily it was OK.

In the video the silver button weighed 119g, there was an error in the scales, the actual weight was 142g.

2020, not the best year so I decided to make a 10,000,000 real diamond play button for you guys. All of you.

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