GYMKHANA_HEAT: Welcome to Palm City | Need for Speed Heat Gymkhana featuring the Hoonissan RC370Z

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It's finally here. GYMKHANA_HEAT is a virtual reimagining of Ken Block's gymkhana series set within the fictional world of Need for Speed Heat's Palm City - its various regions become a giant playground for this exercise in precision. The weapon of choice here is a 2019 Nissan 370Z - but in the spirit of hooning, it's been turned into a trumpety, tyre-shredding, fire-breathing monster wearing a Tamon Design RC370Z kit.

This has been a passion project that took almost a month to complete juggling between personal commitments. There was a setback partway through - you may notice at some point I no longer attached the camera to various parts of the car or performed tracking shots. This was because as of 22nd December, support for NFS Heat's Cinematic Tools mod was terminated.

If you'd like the in-game build, here it is:
- Engine Swap: V6 (Default Engine)
- Crankshaft, ECU, Cooling & Exhaust: Ultimate+
- Turbo: Ultimate (Dual Turbo Charger)
- Nitrous: 5 x 3lb Tanks
- Suspension: Super (Speedcross)
- Brakes: Elite
- Tyres: Elite (Drag or Drift - I swapped between these 2 depending on the angle of the drift I needed to perform)
- Clutch: Elite+
- Gearbox: Super (5 Speed)
- Differential: Super (Speedcross)
- Live Tuning: Steering sensitivity on maximum and downforce on minimum
My custom wrap is also available for download on PC.

And with that, this is probably my final project on NFS Heat. The termination of Cinematic Tools means that I've lost a lot of flexibility with this, plus the game's getting a bit dated, considering support was dropped months ago. We'll see what comes next.

Happy New Year, everyone.

More on the Tamon Design RC370Z kit:

(this video was already in the works when the Travis Pastrana Takeover came out)

Music: Needles by H3 Music

Camera Toolkit:

Cinematic Tools: (support terminated as of 22 December 2020)

HUD Toggle: :_Heat_No_Hud
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