I Played The LARGEST VIDEO GAME EVER with HEAVY MACHINERY (Unofficial PAC-MAN™ World Record)

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Welcome to the WORLD'S LARGEST game of PAC-MAN™ with Caterpillar's heavy machinery!
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Full Trial #9 video -
Behind the Scenes – Build -
Behind the Scenes – Gameplay -
Time lapse -

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PAC-MAN™ is celebrating its 40th anniversary and Caterpillar is celebrating it's 95th anniversery. They invited me to come celebrate these milestone in an epic fashion with The Cat Trial #9: PAC-MAN™. With the help of skilled operators, they built a life-sized game board using the latest Cat machines, attachments, skid steers, and technology. The players (including Cat customers, expert operators and gamers) used remote controls to operate the giant PAC-MAN™ and the ghosts. Just like every jobsite, we found a challenge waiting around every corner!

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