If Your Life Was Like Minecraft, You'd Live 5000 Years

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What if pressing only one key could change your life forever and make it much easier? If we were in Minecraft, everything would be possible! Too hard to live? Too many tasks, deadlines, school classes are tedious, and you just can’t go on like this? Change your life mode to somewhat less challenging – just press Escape! Adjust your life difficulty choosing peaceful, easy, normal, or even hard for those who like it tough.

If your teacher is as hostile as a green and white pixelated creeper, choose the peaceful mode – monsters don’t spawn there. As for appearance, no more worries about pimples! Now that you’re pixelated, nobody’s gonna ever notice them. You look the same every day, your haircut, even if you hate it and can’t wait for your hair to grow, never changes, unless you change the skins. You can’t grow or lose some pounds. What else would be different if Minecraft was real life?


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