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Design and test your car on Test Track at EPCOT! ~Hop~ along as we indulge our need for speed!

Test Track opened March 17, 1999, at EPCOT. In the original version of the ride, guests rode “test” vehicles and put them through the paces in a testing facility. The ride closed for a lengthy refurbishment and rebranding, and reopened December 6, 2012, as an innovative, futuristic ride, where guests could design their very own concept cars and then see how they performed against others.

Test Track Presented by Chevrolet at Epcot allows you to put your car designing skills to the test at the Chevrolet Design Center and then put the pedal to the metal. You'll design your virtual concept vehicle based on four criteria: capability, responsiveness, efficiency and power. Once you've designed your car, you'll board a SIM car and test your creation. During the first portion of the test, the car will be evaluated on capability, efficiency and responsiveness. The final test evaluates your car's power; this portion is a high-speed, thrilling ride! Once the test has been concluded, you'll see how your custom designs compare to the SIM car.

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