League of Legends' Worst Champion Instantly Became Broken

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Today, let's talk about the story of the champion that people used to call the worst in the entire now he's actually S tier and amazing for climbing solo queue ranked. How?

Special thank you to my long time friend Kyle who helped out with editing some parts of this video!

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Clips and pros featuring - Doublelift, Caps, Santorin, Pyosik

Dumbs Samira Video -

MetaSolaray Predator Udyr -

Deadlydan Skarner -

Trick2G Udyr -

BlitzGG Skarner LCS breakdown -

Track List -

Tomorrow is Another Day by Jo Wandrini - 0 -2:24
Spiral Drift by Major Tweaks - 2:25 - 3:27
Glooming by Dreem 3:30 - 6:33
She’s a Badass - WaveSaver 6:33 - 8:14
Goblinized by Adrian Von Ziegler 8:14 - 10:32
Wedding Bells by Paper Twins 10:28 - 11:47
Seredina Zimy by Adrian Von Ziegler 11:47 - 13:49
The Druid Stone by Adrian Von Ziegler 13:49 - 16:49
At Long Last by Yi Nan Tiro 16:49 - 18:16
Minion by Peten Music 18:15 - 20:26
Soul Temple by Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen 20:26 - End
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