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Love O'Clock
Episode 6: Bite Of The Past

Navaz, Shuba’s ex-boyfriend and his friends are enraged after spotting Shubha with Karthik outside her house on her birthday. His friends plan to take revenge against Karthik while Navaz stops them from doing so. On the other hand, Karthik eases out after Shubha confronts her confusion about Navaz and asks him to be with her as a support. Elated by Shubha’s words and her trust in him, Karthik heads home over-joyed not realizing that danger is awaiting him. What happened? Watch to find out.

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Cast (Episode 5): Ram Akarrsh, Subalakshmi Rangan, Aniiruth, Hemanathan, Vikram, Keerthika Sindhia, Mahendra, Vinoth Ravi and Kavi Pramesh.

Kutty Story (@iamkuttystory) Presents
Producer: Vecham karthik (@vechamkarthik)
Channel Head: Manjunathan (@iammanjunathan)
Execution: Pocket Money Productions

Director: Dinesh BS (@imbsdinesh)
Writer: Pankaj S Balaji (@pankajsbalaji)
DOP & Editor: Vishnu Vijayan (@iamvishnuv)
Music: Manikandan Murali (@manikandan_murali)
Executive Producer: Rajasekar (@rajasekar_dop)

Dub & SFX: Karthikeyan Sivadas
Post-production: VJUN Studios (@vjunstudios)
Publicity Designs: C I Suresh (@)
Lyricist: Mobin (@imobinnn)
Voice over artist: Vishnupriya M (Subalakshmi)
Singer: Guru (@groovewithguru)
Choreography: Siju

Music team:
Additional Music Programming: Allen Fiano San
Music Editing: Arun

Camera Team: Kayal Yogi and Vikram

Camera: Sony a7S II and Sony a7S III
Lens: Sigma Art Lenses, Sony Lenses & Zeiss Lenses
Aspect Ratio: :1
Lights: ARRI L7-C & L5-C, GODOX RGB Tubes, GODOX FL100 and GODOX S30
Colour graded on: DaVinci Resolve (ACES Colour Space)
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