Marshmello : Face Reveal (Not Clickbait)

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Hey guys In today’s episode we are showing you guys the real face of the famous Dj Marshmello. Marshmello has been in the limelight from 2016. From the startng of his career, Marshmello has been using a white helmet in all of his performances. HWhen we talk about Marshmello’s face reveal, it’s not only about the face. Marshmello’s identity itself is not revealed yet. Who is he? What is his real name? Where is he from? Where did he grow up? Who is his family? How old is he? Nothing is being revealed. Yet he runs a showbiz worth millions of dollars. That’s amazing, I would say. People are really here for his talent. So Marshmello’s fans are not just wai7ng for a face reveal, but a total iden7ty reveal. Did they have any success in this yet? We will find out today.
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