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So This is a Rant On The Minecraft Community, Now as you Guys Know Recently The Minecraft Community Is Toxic, There has Been a rise In Dream Stans, And Unlike Other Creators Dream Supports Stan Culture, And These Dream stans have Started Abusing Their Power, Dream stans Cancel anyone for doing nothing, This has gotten so Bad That Dream Was Cancelled Like 100 Times, Even Technoblade Was Cancelled, and Most People Agree Technoblade is a good Person, But Because Technoblade Made Some Jokes Technoblade Got Cancelled, This has gotten so bad That People Like TommyInnit, Jshlatt, KSI Have had to leave twitter because of all the stans attacking them, What Happened To The Minecraft Community, Why Is The Minecraft Community So Toxic Now, I Grew up watching Minecraft YouTubers Like SSundee, BajanCanadian, And SkyDoesMinecraft, I was a huge Fan of TeamCrafted, I never once thought about cancelling them, I just Don't Understand what Happened to Minecraft, This honestly Needs to Stop, These Dream stans Are Toxic, Stans in general are Toxic, So This is The Minecraft Community Rant, And My Thoughts on the Minecraft Community

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