Mortal Kombat 2021 Reboot! Every Character And My Thoughts On Their Designs!

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Hey everyone!

Welcome to another Mortal Kombat!

Now today, with us still coming off the hype of last weeks amazing trailer, Im gonna be talking about every character that we know will be In this movie, what side they will be fighting on and most importantly what do I think of their designs!
A characters costume Is a visual extention of who they are and I feel Its very important to talk about them as THIS really, Is how we have been introduced to many of them!

Just a heads up that this video will be pretty damn heavy on spoiling the contents of the red band trailer so please please do consider this as a spoiler warning moving forward, I will be touching on a lot of plot relevant topics that could possibly taint your viewing experience going In!
So with that said, lets get on with the video!

Now who are you the most excited to see amongst the cast here?
Whos costume design do you like the most?!
Please comment down below!

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