Mortal Kombat Chaotic 2: New Era - Balrog playthrough

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Playing as an another one of the Street Fighter the Movie characters.
This time I am playing as Balrog (aka Mike Bison), who is one of the members of Shadowloo.

He got two fatalities, brutality and friendship. Unfortunately I could not get his brutality and friendship to work.

Unfortunately there are several issues in this one:
1. Anytime I defeat an opponent, a win counter instantly resets to zero.
2. I have to be lucky to run to do the combos, so I had to spam the certain moves to defeat an opponent without losing a credit.
3. Even, if I set his brutalities to easy, it was still difficult to perform it as, if its setting was sticking to the original.
4. His breakers disappear after the first round.

This is one of the reasons why I rarely use the characters from the old MKP games. Somebody needs to make this Balrog more compatible to the new MKP games.

You can download this MKP game here: +ERA+21+
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