Mortal Kombat Reconciliation Part 26 | Uprising

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Mortal Kombat Reconciliation Sprite Animation Part 26 | Uprising. Prisoners unleash hell throughout Shao Kahn's fortress, as Sonya and the rest try to reunite with the others.

Part 26 and 27 were originally supposed to be one big video, but that would've taken way too long to produce, so I decided to split them up. This resulted in Part 26 becoming a prelude to the major fight scene that will be in Part 27. Since the main fight scene of Part 26 was moved to Part 27, this video is without any climactic moment. It's more of a build up to Part 27.

I was trying to get this video uploaded near the middle of February, but The Special Forces scene require much more work than expected. The number of rooms and props in this scene took me about 3 weeks to finish. This video also required a lot of musical work. I produced the 6 of my own tracks for this video, but since half of this video was moved to Part only 3 of them were used in Part 26. The good news is that all of the music for Part 27 is which will save a lot of time.

The music, graphic, and sprites used in this video will be uploaded to my Patreon page over the next few weeks. You can join my Patreon page

Animated by Scott Hunt

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00:00 – Episode 26
00:12 – Uprising
04:21 – Shao Kahn
07:03 – Uprising II
10:53 – The Soulless Chamber
17:18 – Elevator
19:06 – Back Online
23:25 – Reunion

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