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Today I'm checking out the much-anticipated survival game Muck! Muck is a game developed by Dani the Youtuber simply because somebody told him he couldn't. The game is all about surviving waves of crazy enemies every night while doing your best to build fortifications, armor/weapons and buying upgrades for your derpy character. I decided to run solo in this first episode and it went way until it didn't. If you are a fan of super fast-paced survival games this one is for you! I hope you enjoyed this episode of Muck, thanks for watching and liking.

More Muck: Coming Soon!

Muck on Steam:

About Muck:

Trapped in the muck on an island, alone or with your friends, try to survive as long as possible by using the resources you find around the island.

Collect resources, craft tools, weapons, & armor, find items & build your base during day. But once night falls, mysterious enemies appear from the shadows. Using the resources and items you've crafted during the day, you must try and make it through the night.

Island throws you and your friends into a fun and action packed experience on a procedurally generated island. Do you have what it takes to survive?

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