Najwa Latif - Dua ft. Akwa Arifin (Official Music Video)

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Hi everyone. I've been waiting for this moment to arrive for so long. I am very nervous but Alhamdulillah, Dua is out now. Thank you Abang Azahari, Fyka, Hafiz, Naqi, and Naim for agreeing to be a part of this project even though the budget is limited. Thank you Kak Ika and Akwa Arifin for sharing and completing this wonderful piece with me. I'm so proud of you two. I am genuinely happy and very thankful that I am surrounded by so many good souls. Thank you everyone, for being so supportive towards us. The message of this song is to remind you and me that maybe, what we have is imperfect but it's genuine and it's enough. Thus, I hope you will appreciate the people around you and yourselves better after listening to this song. You're wonderful and you're more than enough, please remember that kay?

Song: Dua
Artists: Najwa Latif & Akwa Arifin
Composer: Ell Gee
Lyricists: Ell Gee & Akwa Arifin
Arrangement: Akwa Arifin
Mixing: Akwa Arifin
Mastering: Muhammad
Copyright: NL Entertainment

For Caller Ringtone:
UMobile: CT 10066449
Celcom: CMT 739137
Maxis: CRT 671645
Digi: CT 1373378

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