OVRDSE & Kenaj & Murphy - Lights On (Magic Free Release)

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Track: OVRDSE & Kenaj & Murphy - Lights On
Music Provided by Magic Records
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✔️ Kenaj
Soundcloud: KENAJ | Kostenlos hören auf SoundCloud
Instagram: Instagram (@kenaj_music)

✔️ Murphy
Instagram: ???? murphy ???? (@heyimmurphy)

✔️ Artwork by

Animation by Niara:

✔️ Lyrics

Nevermind, nevermind
You ́re choosing me every time
But you ́re swearing the problem is mine
So leave me in the mornin

Your taste is toxic, it burns in my mouth
The things that i wish i could tell you about
But I ́m nothing special, yeah you ́ve got your doubts
So leave me when it ́s easy

You can ́t love me in the light of day
Can ́t be near me when the feeling fades
And it ́s nothing that we can ́t erase
You can ́t love me in the light of day
So just turn the lights on

Shake it off, shake it off
In the end, what ́s it cost?
Is it my heart you bought
You act like this is easy

(prechorus 2)
You act like you hate me, you just hate yourself
You say i dont know you, i know you too well
Tell me , am I special? Well i ́ve got my doubts
Is leaving me thats easy?

You cant love me in the light of day
Bet you ́re hopimg that your feelings fade

But it ́s something that you cant erase
Could you love me in the light of day?

Just dont turn the lights on

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