Smash Bros Smackdown Vol. 1 (NEW FIGHTER REVEAL!)

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FANTASY SMASH CHARACTER ALERT!!! EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW and a triple header of Smash Bros Mightiest heroes get the crap kicked out of them in a variety of ways for your viewing pleasure.

Smash Bros: Furious Falcon
Produced by Ben Michael & Tom Jenkins
Written by Eddie Bowley
Animated by Ben 'Wonchop' Smallman
Additional Sound Design and Mix by Alex Walker Smith
Edit and Sound Design by Jason Alan Dewey
Music Composed by Alex Walker Smith

Smash Bros: Pause Attacks
Animated by 4Taken
Written By Eddie Bowley
Produced by Tom Jenkins for Mashed
Voice of Donkey Kong, Announcer, Yoshi and Kirby by Alex Walker Smith
Voice of Gannondorf by Steven Sarfarius
Music Composed by Alex Walker Smith
Sound Design by Laura Rankin

Raging Amiibo
Produced by #mashed
Animated by Kreid
Written by Eddie Bowley
Music by Alex Walker Smith
VO: Alex Walker Smith & Blake Swift
Sound Design by: Laura Rankin

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