Sou West Surf Legends Surfin In The Fog!

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Video Taken On September 27, 2020

Finally got in my 1st surf session of 2020!

The tide was going out at Mavillette Beach ( Mavs ) when I got there at 11:30am so while I was waiting for the tide to turn and come back in I took some footage of 3 of the Sou West Surf Legends getting some rides in the fog.

I should have gone out with them as I think they got the best of the conditions of the day. I thought it would be better on the incoming tide so I waited to get in later.

Unfortunately, I waited too long as it got dark and it was still foggy so I didn't set up a camera to get any footage of me surfing. Didn't matter anyhow as the conditions deteriorated later in the day and I didn't get many good rides. I did have fun with Jody though as he came later to go out with me in his white water kayak. I don't like surfing alone so Jody saved the day for me!

This session shows the good attitude of the 3 surfers making the best of small waves in the fog. The wave conditions were far from good but they all had fun and I had fun shooting video of them.

It was great to see Andy, Joel and Travis again and it was cool to talk to Brian of Las Playas Surf Shop once again too! I have to thank Jody for saving the day for me as I probably wouldn't have gone in the water by

Cheers, John ;)

Camera Equipment Used In The Video: Olympus TG-4
GoPro Hero 7 Black
Video Editor: Adobe Premiere Elements 2019

Music In Order As Played In The Video:

Leslie's Strut - John Deley and the 41 Players - YouTube Audio Library

Deserts - Text Me Records / Bobby Renz - YouTube Audio Library
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