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Taking care of 5 babies in the nursery

Hi ???????? and welcome to our ???????? reborn channel ❤️Bella Boo Nursery!!!❤️

Hi friends! well if you can’t we are all about babies⁉️We are a mother (Amy) daughter (Bella) channel and we love ❤️ to share our love for reborn babies. Our videos are intended for a teenage and adult audience. These babies are not intended for children’s play. These are adult collectible babies and videos are intended for other adult collectors alike. What are Reborns⁉️Reborns are collectible art pieces that are designed to look like real human babies. They are not for everyone, but for those of us who love ???? this hobby of collecting, this is a great channel to subscribe too ???????? and you can also share in our excitement for this ever growing hobby! So go Subscribe and enjoy our creative videos. ????WE ❤️ OUR SUBSCRIBERS ???? don’t forget to leave us suggestions of video ideas AND what YOU would like to see more of!

Our Channel includes box openings, reviews; baby items, baby role play and so much more,

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This channel is intended for other adult collectors in the reborn community that like to share in all things reborn. Please be advised this is not a channel for kids.

Here are some of our fun videos ????????????

❤️ Laure Lee Eagles Journey box opening

❤️ reborn toddler Arianna new outfit

❤️ Maddie by Bonnie Brown box opening

❤️ Alexis by Cassie Brace box opening

❤️ reborn day in the life morning Routine

Music in my video is NOT mine it is from the iMovie library of free songs and the songs are Available for use there. You can get it from iMovie From your phone or computer and download the iMovie app there are lots of theme music to choose from there.
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