Unbox And Dress Up Barbie Color Reveal | Who Will We Get?

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We've been waiting for them for so long! And they are finally here! These are Barbie Color Reveal! Inside there's a doll that will reveal herself in the and seven surprises! This series is called Foodie. It's the second one. In each tube we can find one of these 5 beauties! Let's get started!

So, we have 5 beautiful transparent tubes with 5 Barbies. Look! They seem to be wearing a violet suit! From head to toe! According to the instructions we need to put our dolls in warm water to understand which one we've got. While using cold water we can add some bright details to their appearance. The process is so exciting and interesting!

So, our first Barbie has blue hair and a short stylish hairstyle. She comes with a beautiful skirt with popcorn print, boots, a chic blue wig and a cute sponge. Using the sponge and cold water, we will see the beautiful details of our Barbie! Blue strands, eyes and lips!

With a subtle movement of the hand we're opening the second set! This doll has light pink hair and brown eyes. You can see a yummy taco on her swimsuit! She also has bright yellow shoes, a skirts with multicolored stripes and taco print, a cool wig and a sponge.

Let's open the next three dolls! We've got two new girls and one with a familiar face! Let's take a closer look at the new ones! First beauty has wavy hair and the swimsuit has a pizza on it! Second beauty has the same hairstyle as everyone else. Her hair is snow-white. She's got an orange swimsuit with two colorful popsicles! These girls also have cool outfits, fashionable shoes, cool wigs and of course sponges! A little magic and our beauties will become even more beautiful!

We really enjoyed this unboxing! Did you?

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