Why You CAN'T PLAY the Scariest Game.

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There has been somewhat of a SECURITY BREACH at the Krugston residence as a mysterious BLUE FIGURE creates chaos in this usually calm rural

Hey guys! Welcome to the Krugston Entertainment Hour, this episode took around 3 months of production to complete all the 3d animation, 2d animation, cartoony compositing and extra fun details so I hope you enjoy!

Discord server:

Commonly asked questions:
"Hey Noah, what do you use to animate your videos?"
Good question! I use Toon Boom Harmony! ( )

"What do you edit your animations with?"
Adobe Premiere Pro! ( )

"I want to start my own animation channel, but I don't know how to record my voice!"
Here, try Audacity! (IT'S FREE) (( ))

"I'm looking for cheap drawing tablets; any recommendations?"
Why, yes! Try the Wacom Intuos! It's SORT OF ( )

Is YouTube still functioning oddly? Last time I checked there was a range of Super Sonic flaws popping up with how the description system worked ranging from keywords like the new Sonic game (Sonic Rangers), that new FNAF game (Five nights at Freddy's Security Breach) and that Minecraft YouTuber Dream. That's okay, after all, this is AIROAH - I really dig the animation in this animated cartoon, a lot of fun animated funny clips I'm really excited to post on TikTok -- YouTube comes first though!

On a real note, I'm looking to experiment and have more fun with content again so I can't guarantee the style I have now will last a year or even a month into the future -- it just depends so enjoy it while it lasts!

Thanks for watching my animation! It means a lot to me :)
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